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Power supply




In Stock: 9 pc
Product no.: PT15
Manufacturer: Attan - LV
our price:
230.00 EUR

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Full specifications

Switching power supply
• Adjustable stabile output  0…13V, 15A
• Can be used for G7 motors- 15A @2V is not a problem also for long time using
• Input switch AC ~ 120V / 230V for power supply. (Soldering iron is
independent, separate !)
• Protection- short circuit, temperature, overload
• Automatic temperature controlled cooler- normally off. When
temperature rises more than 45 degree Celsius cooler starts.
• USB 5V output for charging mobile phone. Limited current 500mA for
iPhone 4,5 and others
• Adjustable (tumbler with off switch) output for soldering iron. Options to order, choose only one:
a) For 120V network to use 120V soldering iron;
b) For 230V network to use 120V soldering iron;

• Comes with 80cm 16AWG silicone power wires and AC power cord
• Dimensions 26cm x 17cm x 6cm, weight 1100g


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