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I hope that this will enable you to offer quality racing.

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Motor X12

ordered on request


In Stock: 0 pc
Product no.: ATT_MP
Manufacturer: Cahoza
our price:
200.00 EUR

Full specifications

Precise Assembled Profi Motor X12 

Cahoza C-Can UL or U

Skinner glued magnets T5 or T5 bevelled

Cahoza light plastic endbell with fine tuned Cahoza Profi gold plated brush hardware 

Koford X12 arm 48°  .518 dia , ballanced by Recek



Every motor is signed.

We can offer service of all our motors if needed - f.e. cleaning, new brushes, new ballbearings, regluing of magnets, rebalnce of arm, zapping magnets,...

Every third service = Frankies work is for FREE !



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