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I hope that this will enable you to offer quality racing.

In case you can not find the item you're looking for, do not hesitate to contact me, I will try to solve it.


arr3New Recek chassis 2020Added new chassis from Recek - ES 24, ES 32, F1, ESG12, Club 21.... arr33.2.2017Added body Alfa R Giulia ISRA 2017 RedFox, RedFox braids, pinions from ARP.... arr320.1.2017Added body F1/32 Kolhoza, Hudy tire truer, driver for hard bodies, new pictures of Carsteen... arr3Website is upgrading nowNew design, new system, new items, new pictures.... arr3New products!!!New body for Production 1/24 for ISRA is available now. Also I added very interesting power supply... arr3ESHOP is open!!!The store is now fully functional and it can already process orders. Photos and texts will be added.... arr3New ESHOP Attan Slot RacingAfter a long pause launched a new e-shop.E-Shop is now fully functional. Most items are already...


our price 5.00 EUR


Will you be attending the championships this year in the US?

YES - 100% 24% more likely YES 26% more likely NO 25% NO - 100% 25%


Pavel Flaisig
U Mlýna 1, 14100 Prague 4
Czech Republic
phone: +420 777 313 177


World Championship ISRA 2015 Štiřín, Czech Republic

Attan Slot Racing Shop and Attan Slot Racing Club Luštěnice were organizer ISRA WORLDS 2015. This event was the largest-ever championship and attended more than 180 riders from 18 countries.

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