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Controller CS2.0

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Product no.: CS20
Manufacturer: CarSteen
our price:
220.00 EUR

Full specifications

CarSteen Model CS 2.0

  • Continuosly adjustable sensitivity for everything from HO to Wing Cars (0.4V-4V)
  • 25 steps, all equal size indepedent of the load.
  • 250A continuos current, 900A peak, 1000W semiconductors
  • Output impedance less than 10 milliohms
  • Continuosly adjustable choke: 0-3V (0-40 feet)
  • Continuosly adjustable brake from 0.1 to more than 10 ohms. Max brake current 150A peak, 2A continuosly. Brake power handling: 100W.
  • Protected against faulty hook-up.
  • Regulated fan-cooling ensures safe temperatures even with full choke on Eurosport and wing cars.

Note: Can only be used on tracks with “positive gate”.


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